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our fast standards

Further Ensures that the job is done to its highest standards consistently.

At Zemclean we take great pride in the service we provide

Using Six Sigma quality improvement processes and with the input from our customers we developed a custodial excel service system called FAST (Find, Assess, Service, and Track).



Our site supervisors & route managers perform inspections on scheduled and random basis. These inspections are done by utilizing standard inspection forms (formal) or visual (in-formal).


Facilities are inspected and report is given to management based on the type of inspection done. Management reviews the inspections with supervisors and acts to address any issues immediately.


Satisfactory items, as well as the items needing attention, are reviewed with our employees. Employees act immediately to correct any deficiencies found by the inspection.


Tracking inspection results show us the service requirements for the facility on an ongoing basis. Inspections help us to further improve the consistency and quality for our service.


The Fast System ensures that you get the greatest return for your money and gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your facility is being cleaned by a professional Cleaning company